Business Excellence (Part 4): The art of operationalisation

  1. Build out over time our own solid set of well grounded skills and constantly reinforce these, from this basic discipline we can build up into complex thinking and problem solving.
  2. Develop an understanding or appreciation of contexts, environments and systems outside of this well grounded domain. This is why I always enjoy another random yet relevant analogy at a cyber security conference (the later Kiwicon conferences always had these)
  3. Develop human empathy and emotional intelligence. This interconnectivity with our environments is paramount; if you cannot read people or a situation, and just as importantly care, the ability to adapt and solve problems will be unsuccessful. It’s a problem that I constantly see in financially driven individuals. Development takes personal reflection, self analysis and accepting responsibility.
  4. Within a business, have a team member “running the line”- Mercury recently instituted a “senior on shift role” to enable a team member to review content, get away from being on the coal face for a bit, consolidate knowledge as well as run in and solve problems. This is about making time to achieve the job at hand, put out fires but the time to think a little differently which can be hard when you’re delivering 150 consulting days a year (and I don’t know how larger firms can facilitate such thinking when they’re billing their consultants at 400 days each a year).
  5. Cultivate, mentor and seek mentorship- this idea and process is about building individuals has a threefold impact on shaping operational art. The most obvious is instilling in mentees systems and processes for thinking that cannot be gathered from certification or reading. The less obvious ones are that mentorship forces you to reflect and think through what you’re instilling to a mentee, but the mentee often brings fresh insights gauged from youth and a lack of familiarity.




Mercury Information Security Services are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting.

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Mercury ISS

Mercury ISS

Mercury Information Security Services are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting.

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